A Ultimate Guide Of Building Link (Step By Step)

A Ultimate Guide Of Building Link (Step By Step)

A Ultimate Guide Of  Building Link (Step By Step)
A Ultimate Guide Of  Building Link (Step By Step)

Backlinks in the definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It means to own a blog or website with itself
Creating a Hyperlink on the blog, through which you can get the link from
Visitors create the possibility of visiting the blog.

Moreover, it is said that in order to make your domain more popular, connect your website with another website!

I'm going to try to explain to you the backlinks relationship in this post today! Hope to read this one before  Ending!

In fact, Google has more than 200 rules to rank your website in Google search engine!

The most important of which is the backlinks! In the words, there is more backlink you have that means you get a better rank! Because of which you have to make many backlinks!

But there are many rules for making backlink! I will not be able to create a link on any website! One important thing is to create a backlink!

And that's the quality of Backlink! You need to look at the website DA AND PA which is to link your website to another website. 

Now the question is, what is actually?

DA means Domain Authority! Domain Authority usually lasts for 0-100! Of which 1-30 Domain Authority is very low! Links to sites that are not effective!

That is, the links to that website are as good as that of the Domain Authority.

So you must create a link from a good Domain Authority site!

Pa means Page Authority! This usually happens to be 0-100! You must build link building from high pa site!

Then you must make a link with a good DA PA site! Which will help you better rankings!

Now the question is how to get a backlink?

For example, it can be said! When you go to a website and give the link to your website and after that, you will get a backlink!

There are a few ways to make the Backlink! The two ways are:

1- Guest Posting

2- Comment

1- Guest Posting: - Guest Posting is the best medium for link building. That means you'll find a great website like this where you can post your own!

That means you can write your post! By which you can add links to your website in any part of the post!

And by this, you'll get a backlink! And this will be a great one!

So you will try to Guest Post! By which you get a lot of good and the quality backlink! That will play a magical role in your ranking!

2. Comment: - This is also a way for you to associate your website with another website for creating the link.

This process is for those who can not write a very good post! Or you are not getting approval after posting a lot!

Those who are doing such a thing, they can go to the very bottom of the very good website comments! And you can link your website to any part of the comment!

Let's give an example of how the Backlink plays a ranking in Google's ranking! -

Suppose you have a website! You must never want it! Anyone who is ineligible for your website!

And just like Google does not want! Any disqualified website to go to their first page! They will always go to the website which has the highest Backlink!

Moreover, there are two more things in the Backlink fact! Which is:

1. Do follow Backlink

2.No follow backlink.

Let's talk briefly about these two!

 1. Do-Follow Backlink:-

<a href="http://www.example.com/">Link Text</a>
By default, every link is a do follow the link.
A do-follow backlink is a real backlink.

Yes, do-follow backlinks have both advantages and disadvantages. If you earn backlinks from high authority and relevant sites.

your rankings and authority increase and benefits your site in various ways. Yet, low quality and irrelevant backlinks can attract penalties.

2.No follow backlink. 

A no-follow link is harmful?

For example:

<a href="http://www.example.com/" rel="nofollow">Link Text</a>

Nofollow links won't hurt you unless you're spamming at a huge scale.

 But, these links are not calculated as a backlink and don't help a page's placement in the SERP.

So you have to keep one thing in mind! You must create the do-follow the link! Of course no follow link is also important!  But it would be better to make it very small!

Too today! I tried to give some ideas! Hope you like!

Thanks for staying with!

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