How To Go Form Page 2 To Page 1 In Google.

How To Go Form Page 2 To Page 1 In Google.

No one wants to read your Article when your keyword rank page 2 on google. If you on number 1 then its doesn't even matter!

Today I will share with you How To Go Form Page 2 To Page 1 In Google.

 1. Use the Ahrefs Toll.

First Thing you want to need to do  Search Your Keyword And  Seen all of the results on page 1.

Then you need to take Their  URL also take their URL and put it on Ahrefs

If you Put on your competitor URL on Ahrefs it shows every single person Linking to your competition.

How To Go Form Page 2 To Page 1 In Google.

Make sure that Your website better than Linking from your competitor. You know what Google Rank Best site on top! Of course, you make your website better than your competition.

Then when you see how many link Building on your competitor website. Simply you need to Go every website read the content and Email Them!


I notice that you Linked To XYZ website.  I cover That (ABC) they have don't.
Fell free to check it out here ( your link).
And if you like to it fell free to link to it!



If you send them 100 of email link You will get a 4-5 handsome link. that's colled things!

Remember If your linking is Too high Its makes your ranking also too high. So you need to make More than a link to your competitor it makes awesome ranking to your website.

2. Make awesome title And Meta Description.

Next things you need to Do make awesome title and Meta description.

In the top of the search, it's called Title when People click and Go to your website.

And Under the link, Its called Meta description. You need to make something better. What People's actually want to click!

How To Go Form Page 2 To Page 1 In Google.

If everyone clicks on your Listing more then first listing. Then what can Google do google Knows that the number 2 listing is better than number one?

They set your Content on the first page!  Because Google wants people to found more great and valuable things! 

So if you want to go form page 2 to page  1 in google search you need to make awesome title and meta description what People's actually click And want to read!

3. Use Article Related Images And videos.

Next Things You need to do Use Article related Images and Videos.

How To Go Form Page 2 To Page 1 In Google.

Make sure use related image and video on your Content. Actually, I want to say If your Competitor has 3 images or no video!

then you need to Make your content 5-6 related image and 1 video. Because some of them don't want to read a long article. 

If you Export image and Video. its Called one single of image Taking about thousand of the word. 

4. Make Awesome Higher Content.

Next things you need to do make awesome Higher Content. I want to say Long tail keyword break thru your ranking. 

How To Go Form Page 2 To Page 1 In Google.

You need to Write every content more than 3 thousand of word or Lil I beat more! And every content you need to make really actionable.

When anyone read Your article they Understand your matter. They said last oh coll That's it!  I read this article and I understand what can I do in next!

So make sure make made your content very Big and actionable also! 

5. Make Your Brand.

If you want to boost your rank to page 2 from page 1 you need to make sure to make your brand! 

How To Go Form Page 2 To Page 1 In Google.

One of the main factors is Google ranking its called brand. Google large ranking brand  Higher then none brand. 

The reason is Everyone builds link. Everyone has do on-page SEO. but not everyone takes their brand! 

If you create brand Then Google realized that That's is the website that People actually trust them. then Its help You to rank Higher on Google.  

So that is the simple step! If you do that step by step then the result made you will go from page 2 to page 1 in google search.

Thanks for reading!

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