Media.Net approval Guide

Media.Net approval Guide.

Media.Net approval Guide.

In this post I will tell you how easily you can approval on
Just follow this post you end up with a very small process. If you follow it, within 3 hours your message that your request is approved.So first we need to know.

what is

What is Why every people want to Approved thes site.

How to get it on the website. And what is the hell here? comes after Google Adsense. With Adsense, as we can monetize our website, we can also monetize it with its help.

And through this you can earn a lot. Number One Is Google Adsense Second Is and third-party is Tabula.

And the rest of them are only on your blog so that there is no income in the budget.

Do not know how it will be approved on your website?

First you have to take a custom domain and your website will be sorted well.

Where they have social media options, they will have to set up properly. Your blog has to be fully build up.

How to write a post ?

You must post in English. Many people have written submissions in many languages ​​such as Bengali Hindi and many of.

If you are the team then you can't get approval.  But don't worry about that  If you see this post I can learn how to write a post in English..

Read thes article. 

How to Write English Article Without knowing It.

Then you have to target your website at US.
How can You do it? Dont worry.

Read thes Article.

give your website an international Target.
Another point is that if you want to get your blog approved here, you must submit it to Us Listing Directry.

Now how many post on your blog?

If you post 9-10, you can get Approved . But yes postage should be 100% unique copyright is not allowed.

So the Question is How can you cheaked That.

 Read thes article.

Check your Post Unique Or not
If the website has to be older, then I will say it will be on the website of 2-3 days 100%.

will be your profile if you follow this process. I guarantee your website will be approved 100%.

Media.Net approval Guide.

Then you have to apply. The biggest thing is to replay very quickly at they  Rejjected many websites.

Because they probably do not know these things. And they Don't get approval on that.

You can apply the above items after completing the above. 1000% guarantee will be approved on your website. Within 3 Hour.   
 Hope you like it. Thanks For Read thes Article.

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